Looking For Air Conditioning Installers? 5 Vital Points To Consider

Since you have already decided to install an AC in your Melbourne residence, it’s crucial that you take various points into consideration before choosing the ideal company doing the needful. Though the price is one of the prime factors, it should never be the ultimate factor affecting your decision.

The product should be robust and cool your rooms effectively and efficiently. If you want to enjoy a trouble free experience of installation and peace of mind for the coming years, it’s vital to choose a good and reputable air conditioning installation company.

Tips To Choose The Ideal Air Conditioning Installers In Melbourne

Air conditioning Installers Melbourne

• Informative Selling Process

Only a transparent company opens about the products they are installing, as well as, the process of installation. They should leave no stone unturned to educate their clients about the products and choose the ideal solution according to their requirements. Selling the products just to maximise their profit should not be their ultimate aim. The ideal company gives their clients sufficient time to take an unpressurised decision.

• Good Communication

Have you ever called a company but have not been able to get through? Nothing can be more frustrating than that, isn’t it? If the company you have shortlisted isn’t taking your calls, it’s high-time to walk away. Such being the condition, just imagine how problematic it will be to get hold of them if any warranty issue surfaces in the future.

• Professional Services

It’s a must for every installation companies to turn up on the scheduled time, or at least call ahead and let you know about any delay. Every minute detail about the installation process should be discussed and confirmed that clients are happy with it. After the product has been installed, demonstration should be given about how it works.

• Document Professionally

Even if the service or products are not of the highest quality, it is imperative for the company to be organised and serious about their dealings. These two signs are a must for every Air Conditioning Installers in Melbourne. The quote presented to the clients should be professional looking and include all expenses of installation. They should also send their clients an invoice stating what follows next.

• Clear Information On Warranty

When asked about the installation warranty, the company should inform you about who would bear the shipping cost if any faulty parts have to be sent to the manufacturer and who would fit the replacement parts. They should also state clearly about their terms and conditions. Having a yearly check-up of the product by the company is an added advantage.

Services Matters – Both Before And After

A reliable company knows that it is not only about properly installing the product but after sales service equally matters. They would follow up with their clients after few months and enquire whether the Air Conditioning is working smoothly. They should also remind their clients about servicing the AC after every two years.


About Jeams Bean

Jolly air has experience in installing split system air conditioners for all types of buildings including high rise apartments, family homes, offices and shops.
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