5 Mix-Ups Buyers of Split System Installation in Melbourne Have

Every resident of Melbourne feels the necessity of installing Split Air Conditioner System especially because of its fickle weather. Since installing a Split AC does not require ductwork so it is the most preferred one. But it is always advisable to gather enough knowledge about the system before installing.

Split system installation in Melbourne

Common Mistaken Concepts About Installing Split System

Once we decide to install one, we come to hear a lot of information for which we should not be taking such a DRASTIC step! Thank god, they are nothing more than mere misconceptions. Stated below are few of them,

1. “Install The Outside Unit At Par With The Indoor Unit”

Often we are advised not to install the outdoor unit higher than the one installed inside. There is no such rule. The only focus should be on preventing the compressor oil from leaking inside the indoor unit.

TIPNever try DIY while installing an AC, approach experienced professionals.

2. “Install Only Inverter Air Conditioners”

Why would I??? If only inverter ACs had the power of cooling our rooms then all the other versions would have vanished from the market by now. The inverter AC is only an advanced and sophisticated version that can work on low power.

TIP- Buy an Inverter AC only if you desire to use it for a longer duration of time.

3. “For Warranty Issues You Have To Approach The Shop From Where You Purchased”

Really? Nobody has the time or energy to again approach the shop from where the product was purchased. Maybe the shop was offering more discounted price, for which we travelled all the distance. For any warranty or guarantee issues you just need to approach an authorised service centre.

TIP- Gather information about the company’s authorised centres while buying the product.

4. “Split ACs Are For Residences”

Trust us; we see more of those installed in commercial building and hospitals all across Melbourne as compared to residences, the major factor being the easy process involved for Split System Installation in Melbourne. It mainly consists of two parts, the outdoor unit and indoor unit.

TIP- Make sure the company you choose has years of experience and offers at least 6 years of guarantee on the AC.

5. “Change or Replace Air Filters Regularly”

None have ample time or money to do so. Refer to the manufacturer’s instruction leaflet to know how frequently they need to be changed or do so whenever you feel the machine is dirty. On an average one should be cleaning them after every 90 days to maintain smooth flow of air.

TIP- Since accumulation of airborne participles increases power consumption, clean the filters often

Recent Increase In The Demand

Customers of today’s generations are sensible enough to understand that the traditional beliefs about AC are nothing more than misconceptions. No wonder the demand of the product has become imperative all over Melbourne.

Everyone desires to enjoy the refreshing cool air once they come back home after the hectic hot day. After all, a sound sleep is the delicate golden string that binds out health and body together.


About Jeams Bean

Jolly air has experience in installing split system air conditioners for all types of buildings including high rise apartments, family homes, offices and shops.
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