Beating the Drum for Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Installation

Imagine doing this: At the flip of a switch, your house is being cooled and the next moment, it is being heated up. And the temperature yo-yoing goes on, no matter what the weather outdoors is. Fun, isn’t it? Well, this can happen for real if you have a reverse cycle air conditioner at home. It has the ability to heat as well as cool.

What? Really?

Yes. And it is way more energy efficient than any other conventional heating machine because it pulls the heat from outside and pushes it inside. An external coil is present for the refrigerant so that it can absorb the heat.

The latter then passes through a compressor into a condenser which allows the heat to enter the indoor space. The best part is, this entire operation can be reversed to have cool air indoors. What versatility!

Let’s Highlight The Advantages Of Reverse Cycle ACs, Pointwise

  • It’s the most cost-effective form of cooling and heating mankind currently has.
  • It’s an ideal solution for cooling and heating the entire home or office.
  • Its efficiency as compared to run-of-the-mill standalone heaters is almost 3X.
  • When you have it, you need not install separate appliances to heat and cool your space.
  • The machine is devoid of any kind of exposed elements.
  • It is known for its robustness and longer lifespan.
  • Easy to install; ready for use – that’s what the machine is.
  • It flaunts quiet performance.
  • If high power bills have always been a worry, this should be your best bet.
  • It renders an indoor air clean, hygienic, and free from allergens.
  • Did you know you could get rid of humidity in your indoor space with a reverse cycle AC? Now that’s an absolute liberty for climate control, don’t you think?

How To Buy One?

Choose according to the floor plan of your home. The machine has to comply with the levels, room dimensions and directions, ceiling height, etc. Then again, it also has to comply with the orientation of the fenestration and the type of built your home is – whether wooden or brick.

Furthermore, it should be in accordance with the area of installation – whether in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen. The eventual costs will depend on the tonnage of the AC, its energy efficiency, the time you operate it, and the power tariff you are currently liable to.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

5 Steps To Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Installation In Melbourne

Keeping in mind the ever-changing Australian climatic conditions, the idea of a reverse cycle air conditioning installation in Melbourne sounds good. But, how do you do it?

  1. Indoor unit: Install indoor unit on a robust wall that is free from any kind of vibration. Make sure the inlet and outlet are free from all obstruction. Keep the unit away from all sources of heat, steam, and gas. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Select a location which allows the easy drainage of condensed water. Ensure that the filter can be easily accessed. The unit should be placed at a height 2.5 metres from the ground.
  1. Outdoor unit: Like the indoor unit, keep this unit, too, away from heat, flame, and gas sources. Also, keep it away from areas that get a lot of dust and traffic. Direct sunlight is a strict no-no. The operation sound of the outdoor unit should not disturb those living nearby. 
  1. Mounting plate: It should be absolutely level, vertically as well as horizontally. Fix it with plastic anchors placed into drilled holes, and tapping screws.
  1. Piping: You have to drill a hole in the wall to allow the piping. If needed, it must comply with the position of the mounting plate. Don’t forget to put flexible flanges to keep the pipe clean and in place. Also, make sure that the hole always slopes down.
  1. Electrical connections: Fit these connections as instructed in the user manual. Make sure you use wire of size which is ideal for power transmission. Earth connection is of utmost importance. Also, check if the socket complies with the plug. There should be facilities for overload protection as well. The mains voltage should agree with that mentioned on the rating plate.

Connect the bits and parts. Follow the user manual for other instructions and presto! You have your cooling device all set.

While Installing The AC, Keep These Things In Mind:

  • Do not let children access the process or the working area.
  • Never install the AC is an area that contains sulphur.
  • The distance of the device from any flammable source should be at least 50 centimetres.
  • Ensure proper ventilation, lest you want the refrigerant to leak or a fire outbreak to happen.
  • Dispose of the packaging materials responsibly.

Here’s to beating the drum for reverse cycle air conditioners! We love them. Do you?


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Jolly air has experience in installing split system air conditioners for all types of buildings including high rise apartments, family homes, offices and shops.
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