Multi Head Split Systems: Everything You Need to Know About These ACs

Imagine a tree giant enough to provide shade to an entire residential block. Seems unrealistic, right?

A Master-n-Slave System

Well, the work of a multi-head type AC is somewhat similar to that imaginary giant tree. It comprises of multiple wall-split indoor units which are powered by a single outdoor unit. In other words, you can cool the whole of your residence with just one outdoor unit! No wonder Melbournites these days are demanding AC service providers to install this cooling system.

The Latest Trend, Don’t You Think?

These cooling devices are newfangled and very recent. They have come of age in not more than a decade, beating even their traditional peers in terms of utility. Their sudden popularity owes to the many advantages they offer. Wondering which?

Introducing The Advantages of Multi Head Split Systems in Melbourne:

  • Inexpensive: This is in terms of running costs. These machines are better than ducted cooling devices. Cooling a concrete space using a single outdoor unit also lowers the power consumption and hence the electricity bills.
  • Controlled operation: Apart from zonal cooling, these devices also let you control the air flow in individual rooms along with the temperature. Thus, these ACs are a flexible solution to cool a living space.
  • High performance: In most cooling devices, flawless performance in hindered because of the returning air or the location of the temperature sensor. This is a design issue found commonly in ducted devices. The good news is, such problems are not found in multi heads systems.
  • Space saver: Some apartments lack space for more than one outdoor unit. For people living in such apartments, the product is indeed their best bet.
  • Less disruptive: They can be easily installed in a building that is already occupied. They do not disrupt the existing settings as there’s only one outdoor unit to be installed.
  • Cooling and heating via single pipework: If your multi head split systems in Melbourne are fitted with VRV systems, be sure that the setup has an inherent ability of heat recovery. It can cool and heat a space using a common pipework, which speeds up the installation time as well.
  • Use of refrigerant: Unlike the conventional hydraulic systems which circulate conditioned air via pumps, these machines make use of refrigerants instead of chilled or hot water.

Multi Head Split Systems

How Do The Indoor Units Behave?

The indoor units together, distribute conditioned air by a process known as ‘mixed flow.’ The tonnage of each unit can vary depending on the size of the rooms. These units can be of four types based on their position of installation:

  1. Floor standing.
  2. Wall mounted.
  3. Below ceiling.
  4. Cassette type (for false ceiling).

Further, according to their tonnage, they can be categorised as follows:

  1. Small indoor unit.
  2. Medium-sized indoor unit.
  3. Large indoor unit.
  4. Extra-large indoor unit.

What Are The Areas of Application?

These devices are ideal for installation in buildings that have a defined cooling and heating season. In other words, it is fit for situations in which a building requires any of cooling or heating throughout the year.

Thus, it is a great option within IT infrastructures and medical establishments, which contain equipment that are ever running. It is also suitable for residential purposes. After all, a home does not require changing temperatures in different rooms pertaining to seasonal changes, does it?

To Buy or Not to Buy?

If an entire building, especially a residence, yearns for the benefits of a ducted AC, but the concrete structure fails to allow ductwork which is concealed, multi-head splits turn into your best friend automatically. There’s no second thought or saying no to this cooling solution. There’s no reason to not buy this machine. Say what?


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Jolly air has experience in installing split system air conditioners for all types of buildings including high rise apartments, family homes, offices and shops.
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