Advantages of Installing Ductless Air Conditioners From Mitsubishi

If you have a house of your own, you surely have considered cooling or heating it at some point in time or the other. And chances are you have also thought of buying an A/C. A ductless mini-split perhaps?

Beyond this, not every layman would make an effort to think. Needless to say, pondering on the efficiency of the device is simply out of the question, let alone think about the other many benefits.

Wait, what’s a ductless air conditioner?

This term is doing the rounds. The market is brimming with what people call the split A/C systems. Interestingly, not many are aware of the device’s functioning. The understanding process has just begun.

A mini-split doesn’t have ducts that network throughout the entire building. Instead, this ductless device offers cooling and heating in zones. The installation of such A/C units is planned first and then placed in specific locations in the building.

A ductless A/C can be in the form of a wall model or even a floor unit. An indoor unit should be linked to the outdoor unit via a hole in the wall not bigger than 3 inches.

Mitsubishi A/Cs in Melbourne

Mitsubishi A/Cs in Melbourne

All clear? Now let’s come to the benefits. 

  • Efficient and economical: An average family expends a large share of its income in cooling and heating the home. As per the Environmental Protection Agency, if a family resorts to mini-split air conditioners, it can cut its power bills by 20-30% because this device is way more efficient than any other cooling device. Isn’t this a significant saving?
  • Zoned performance: Unlike A/Cs with ducts, these devices can target particular zones. This is a huge advantage. Say, you have a room in your home that’s cooler or hotter than the rest. This device is very much recommended for such rooms. With it, you don’t have to set a single temperature for the entire house. 
  • One unit, multiple functions: Ductless A/Cs can provide both cooling and heating? Such devices contain a heat pump which is built-in. This is surely a money-saver because you do not have to put your money in buying multiple units.
  • Easy to install: The A/Cs have been so designed that they are incredibly easy to install. They do not need a person measuring the length and depth, unlike that it other A/C types.
  • Customised placement: These devices can be placed anywhere you want in your residence. Naturally, it provides a great replacement alternative in houses undergoing renovation. Say, there’s an old window unit or a cupboard you want to do away with, but know that removing the same might cause a little imbalance in the interior decoration. You can then go for this A/C and place it as a replacement.
  • Eco-friendly: Mini-splits are an ideal choice if you are looking for an environmentally compliant cooling device. Wondering how? Remember less energy consumption and zoned performance – the qualities that are so intrinsic to the device? Moreover, the refrigerant used in these machines is eco-friendly as well. And the machines are designed to perform quietly.
  • Versatile: A ductless mini-split is suitable for residential as well as commercial use. You can install it in your home and office, too. Also, the machine provides superior cooling and heating than most other devices.
ductless Mitsubishi Air conditioner

Ductless Mitsubishi Air conditioner

Why ductless Mitsubishi A/Cs in Melbourne?

Melbourne has been infamous for its ever-changing weather. If at all you are contemplating the installation of an A/C in your residence, you have to make sure that you buy a good one. In this regard, Mitsubishi air conditioners in Melbourne seem like an ideal choice.

Ductless A/Cs from this brand add value to a residence. The devices are backed by warranties, years of service, and great Energy Star rating. They are technologically advanced and come with the latest features like inverter technology and variable compressor speed.

These devices not only let you have a minimised power bill, but also provide high quality indoor air. These cooling machines come with Catechin Plus and Anti-Allergy Enzyme filters, which keep particulate matters and pollutants away.

Moreover, these are robust machines that operate noiselessly at 19db – the quietest devices you’ll find in the market. The A/Cs also come with an auto-restart feature and are very much eco-friendly. They are easy to install, clean, and maintain.

They can run for long hours in any weather condition. Naturally, they make a great choice for Australian homes. The best part – they are fit for domestic as well as commercial spaces.

So here it is – a brand that sells ductless A/C of the best quality. When are you buying one?

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