Government Alarming About the Heat in Melbourne: Split System Air Conditioner Is the Remedy

If you are a resident of any tropical region, then you will have pretty hot summers and cool winters. With average rainfall, the livability of such places becomes quite comfortable. But, you must have been warned by the after effects of the horrendous phenomenon ‘Global Warming’!

Global Warming

Global Warming

What is the government saying about the rising temperature?

Since the Tropic of Capricorn passes through Australia, it also has the effects of hot summers and unpleasant sweat. The after effects have been so high that the Australian Medical Association has marked the heat of the continent to be a “silent killer”. The government has also remarked that the continent looses more residents due to strong heat waves than any road accidents annually.

Hence, the government is advising that people should maintain a good health in accordance of the threatening heat that is befalling upon the continent. Melbourne being the capital of the place has recorded that two-thirds of Australian homes use some form of cooling, which counts to almost every three out of four homes in the city.

Air Conditioning Graph

Air Conditioning Graph

The Climate of Melbourne:

Melbourne enjoys a wide range of climate throughout the year. With particularly hot summers this place also enjoys balmy autumn and spring. The winters are supposedly cool here. If you look at the average temperature annually then you will find, that there are days when the highest temperature has risen up to 36.6 °C and, the coolest day has recorded up to 8.1 °C.

Melbourne has rarely faced unbearable hotness or chilled weather. But when at times there are such cases, temperature extremes cause more problems in hotter realms than colder.

Looking at the temperature you must know that getting a cool air when you reach home in summers is nothing short of a blessing. Hence the common belief runs that there are around, 73% of Aussies that cannot live without an air conditioner in summers.

The Remedy:

The Split System Air Conditioner in Melbourne can be the best blessing that you can ask for in the summer season. It is the most readily available kind of air conditioner in the market. And, the best part of it is that it can be used in both the seasons. When in summer it can give the ease of cooling breeze, similarly in winter it can you a relief from the chilly winds.

Split System Air Conditioner Melbourne

Split System Air Conditioner Melbourne

What else can you ask for, if you get a machine that is cost effective and will serve the benefit throughout the year? If you are considering a low budget, Melbourne offers a wide market for the split ac in different range. According to your room or place, you order one suiting your budget.

The working of the machine:

The mechanism of the split system is divided into two parts. The outside unit consists of the compressor and the condenser, which lashes out the heat from inside of the room or house to the outside. While the inside unit consists of evaporator that absorbs the moisture and releases cool air inside the room.

Working Of Split system.gif

It is said that the split air conditioner is better than the other replacements as it gives the best value for money. So do not think about the pocket crunch and buy a split ac to beat the heat of Melbourne in coming season.


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