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Why Should You Go For Split System Installation in Melbourne

This type of air conditioning system is divided into two separate units namely, compressor and the wall hung unit. The first one is kept open outside and the latter one is installed in the room. These two units are connected … Continue reading

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7 Vital Questions About Split System Air Conditioners Answered

Despite the range of cooling machines that we have, our choice would always be a device that’s easy to install, less power demanding, generates less noise, is eco-friendly, and affordable. Ducted ACs satiating these needs is a far cry. This … Continue reading

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Advantages of Installing Ductless Air Conditioners From Mitsubishi

If you have a house of your own, you surely have considered cooling or heating it at some point in time or the other. And chances are you have also thought of buying an A/C. A ductless mini-split perhaps? Beyond … Continue reading

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Government Alarming About the Heat in Melbourne: Split System Air Conditioner Is the Remedy

If you are a resident of any tropical region, then you will have pretty hot summers and cool winters. With average rainfall, the livability of such places becomes quite comfortable. But, you must have been warned by the after effects … Continue reading

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