Split system air conditioners: People of Melbourne you think you know your cooling machine?

How’s it like coming home to a cool house in the summers? We’d say, it’s a privilege, a blessing. As a matter of fact, 73% of Aussies believe that they cannot do without cooling machines in summers. Yes, all these years, these machines and devices have helped us relish a life of luxury, haven’t they?

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Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have centralised systems.

But, like the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Humankind has conjured up a device that can suffice the need with equal efficiency. It’s called the SPLIT SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONER. Let’s discuss the device inside out.

The invention of Split System Air Conditioners in brief

The machine has come a long way, although it’s very recent. The concept was first introduced in the 1970s by Japanese inventors. The proposed machine was, in fact, an upgrade of the prevalent window unit aimed at facilitating spot cooling within spaces.

This machine was initially presented as a wall mountable, single indoor unit lacking ducts. It had the ability to sense the condensing part and could run on low noise.

With a capacity range of 7,000 BTU to 12,000 BTU, this machine was an instant hit with consumers owing to its affordability and convenience. It not only freed up the window space consumed by the ancient A/C types, but also offered an interface which was totally user-friendly.

What was behind its early popularity?

This latest A/C could allow piping of up to fifteen feet. Thus, the condensing unit could be placed in any preferred location. This aspect was useful, especially for space crunched homes and construction. Because of this unrivalled convenience, the basic framework has remained the same till date.

So, what really is a split system air conditioner?

Here’s the definition you’d find everywhere: It’s a cooling machine with two integral parts – an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The former is installed outside of a room and the latter, inside. The outdoor unit holds a compressor, a condenser coil, and an expansion coil. On the other hand, the indoor unit contains a cooling coil, an air filter, and a blower.

Split System Air Conditioning Process

Split System Air Conditioners Conditioning and installing process Melbourne

The heat is transferred from a space via the coil system with the help of Freon, a refrigerant gas. The blower in the indoor unit distributes the cooled air. The machine is based on the principle of hybrid and responsive air conditioning. Well, that’s the very basic about it.

How is it any different from other cooling machines?

This A/C type does not demand duct work; it does not need a lot of installation tasks unlike most other A/Cs. Electrical connections are made between the two units via wires and tubing. If benefits are considered, split systems are better because they are economical, environmentally compliant, and do not lose heat energy like duct systems. Let’s jot down the advantages.

  • Quiet operation: Compressors and blowers make the most noise. However, in this system both the parts are located outside. Thus, the source of noise is dismissed.
  • Multi-split: Yes, this is possible. You can have multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit and cool multiple rooms all at the same time. Isn’t this awesome?
  • Affordable: Initially, you may feel that it’s going to dent your wallet as it needs professional installation. However, it will help you save energy bills. Further, the longevity of the machine is nonpareil.

What are the factors that determine the cost of this machine?

 However, it can cool only a single zone of a residence or office. It is ideal for small homes and studio apartments. Multi zone A/Cs can cool multiple zones within a home or office. They come with added capacity and are powerful machines.

  • Installation: because the machine is sophisticated, DIY is not recommended for its installation. The method is tricky and if not done properly, will turn out to be expensive. Always hire professionals so that your purchase stays easy on your pocketbook.
Split System AC from Jollyair

Fall in love with Split System Air Conditioners in Melbourne

Recent developments in the machine

Split systems are still wall mounted and come with the flexibility of placing the indoor unit anywhere. Of course, there have been improvements regarding capacities.

  • Modern A/Cs of the type come with a capacity of up to 48,000 BTU
  • The pipe lengths are longer, up to 100 feet.
  • The height separation has increased as well; the minimum is 65 feet, which can go up as high as 164 feet.
  • Both cooling and heating modes are available with a temperature range of 0°F to 115°F by dint of the Reverse Operation Mode.
  • Energy efficiency levels have gone up. This is good news for the Aussies because according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 43% households in the central locations of the country consider these machines to be the biggest energy consumers.
  • The standard compressor technology has been changed to variable-frequency drive (VFD) compressors of inverter types.
  • The condensing blowers have been transformed from direct-drive to VFD compressors.
  • Evaporator fans have been changed from direct-drive to DC and ECM types.
  • The Dry Mode has been introduced, which makes good use of the inverter technology to extract moisture from the air without changing the temperature drastically.
  • High performance coils of low surface area are now includible in the thermal exchangers so that maximum heat can be transferred.
  • Facilities of self-diagnosis have been incorporated so that issues can be resolved quickly and efficaciously with the least possible downtime of the machine.
  • R-22 and R-407C enabled platforms are now a thing of the past. The current platform uses R-410A.
  • Modern designs are most focused on IAQ or Indoor Air Quality.

It’s interesting how this machine has exceeded the expectations of the government as well, and gone beyond the defined mandates and standards. Did you know the modern machines can be controlled via the Internet? The latest interventions have been in the field of artificial intelligence for controlled operations.

Split system A/Cs has emerged as a significant need in Australia, where the country’s Medical Association has termed heat as a ‘silent killer.’ This killer has been claiming lives at an alarming rate. So, isn’t it better to keep the heat away with this incredible cooling device? For more utility of it read our blog “Split System Air Conditioners in Melbourne Will Provide Top-end Utility and Benefits

Can you live without an A/C?


About Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital and most populous city in the Australian state of Victoria, and the second most populous city in Australia and Oceania. The name “Melbourne” refers to the area of urban agglomeration (as well as a census statistical division) spanning 9,900 km2 (3,800 sq mi) which comprises the broader metropolitan area, as well as being the common name for its city centre. The metropolis is located on the large natural bay of Port Phillip and expands into the hinterlands toward the Dandenong and Macedon mountain ranges, Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley. Melbourne consists of 31 municipalities. It has a population of 4,347,955 as of 2013, and its inhabitants are called Melburnians.

Source: WIKI

For more information about offering of split air conditioning services in Australia and all the qualifications needed for it like. Read from : http://goo.gl/RT8KrB

Completion of one of the following courses:

# UEE32211 Certificate III in Air conditioning and Refrigeration
# UEE31307 Certificate III in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
# UEE31306 Certificate III in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
# UTE30999 Certificate III in Electrotechnology (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)

For all environment related compliance policies and rules related to air conditioning industry in Australia, you can get information from HERE






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