Grave Mistakes All Air Conditioning Installers in Melbourne Should Avoid

It’s a large machine. And it’s complicated. Better forget DIY.

Yes, installing a cooling machine can be a lengthy, tiresome process. The brooding doesn’t cease here. You’ll have to fret about regular tune-ups, too. Of course, if done by professionals, the installation should go well. However, in the most unfortunate of cases, the process may fail and result in faulty operations. And, you’d hate it with all might.

Can even a professional go wrong? We’d say it’s not unnatural. But, where and how? Let’s show you some common mistakes air conditioner installers need to avoid.

  • Impractical placement of the machine.

For A/C installation, the position is a vital aspect, which often deceives the logic of most people. Look at an already positioned A/C.  It would have copper pipes, wirings, and a drain pipe connecting the indoor and outdoor units. In a way, you are supposed to provide a position so that drainage of water can be proper and cooling effective.

Tip: Never have the units placed at an angle, lest it leads to leakage.

  • Drain pipes without dead ends.

What’s the function of a drain pipe? – To remove water collected by machine and send it to an external location. Air conditioning installers in Melbourne must make sure that the pipe doesn’t end without a proper exit. Say there’s a certain construction built over the pipe. How would the water ever be emptied? And the worse, it would build up and backtrack to the machine, clogging it and hampering its cooling operation.

Tip: In the case of a blockage, the pipe should be rerouted to a proper location.

  • Missing filters.

It’s the worst thing to do. A cooling machine without air filters is a breeder of microbes and pathogens. Imagine these pesky germs being circulated every time you switch on the machine! There’s no point in breathing in the so-called ‘cool air’ if the machine is devoid of the tool that cleans the same.

Air conditioning installers in Melbourne

Air conditioning installers in Melbourne

Tip: The filter should always be placed between the duct and the register. Make sure you find it there.

  • Ductwork gone haywire.

Ductwork and aesthetics are poles apart. They are not glamorous, but they sure are an aspect of your device that requires attention. If the size goes wrong, the cooling operations might turn inefficient. Further, don’t rely on cheap materials or a casual approach of assembling them. Or else, your machine might retire before time.

Tip: Attend leaky ducts immediately; they will blow up your power bills otherwise.

Listen to what air conditioning installers have to say about Melbourne

Melbourne’s weather is extremely unpredictable all throughout the year, and you must have your cooling machine ready to bear the fluctuations. Appropriate and agreeable installation of the device can make a huge difference in your lifestyle.

Never take the process for granted; this could lead to frequent failures in functioning, lowering of efficiency, soaring electricity bills, and even a defunct machine altogether. Would you be able to afford this? Guess, no.

Better gear up for a flawless installation.


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