Looking For Air Conditioning Installers? 5 Vital Points To Consider

Since you have already decided to install an AC in your Melbourne residence, it’s crucial that you take various points into consideration before choosing the ideal company doing the needful. Though the price is one of the prime factors, it should never be the ultimate factor affecting your decision.

The product should be robust and cool your rooms effectively and efficiently. If you want to enjoy a trouble free experience of installation and peace of mind for the coming years, it’s vital to choose a good and reputable air conditioning installation company.

Tips To Choose The Ideal Air Conditioning Installers In Melbourne

Air conditioning Installers Melbourne

• Informative Selling Process

Only a transparent company opens about the products they are installing, as well as, the process of installation. They should leave no stone unturned to educate their clients about the products and choose the ideal solution according to their requirements. Selling the products just to maximise their profit should not be their ultimate aim. The ideal company gives their clients sufficient time to take an unpressurised decision.

• Good Communication

Have you ever called a company but have not been able to get through? Nothing can be more frustrating than that, isn’t it? If the company you have shortlisted isn’t taking your calls, it’s high-time to walk away. Such being the condition, just imagine how problematic it will be to get hold of them if any warranty issue surfaces in the future.

• Professional Services

It’s a must for every installation companies to turn up on the scheduled time, or at least call ahead and let you know about any delay. Every minute detail about the installation process should be discussed and confirmed that clients are happy with it. After the product has been installed, demonstration should be given about how it works.

• Document Professionally

Even if the service or products are not of the highest quality, it is imperative for the company to be organised and serious about their dealings. These two signs are a must for every Air Conditioning Installers in Melbourne. The quote presented to the clients should be professional looking and include all expenses of installation. They should also send their clients an invoice stating what follows next.

• Clear Information On Warranty

When asked about the installation warranty, the company should inform you about who would bear the shipping cost if any faulty parts have to be sent to the manufacturer and who would fit the replacement parts. They should also state clearly about their terms and conditions. Having a yearly check-up of the product by the company is an added advantage.

Services Matters – Both Before And After

A reliable company knows that it is not only about properly installing the product but after sales service equally matters. They would follow up with their clients after few months and enquire whether the Air Conditioning is working smoothly. They should also remind their clients about servicing the AC after every two years.

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Split System Air Conditioner Vs Central AC in Melbourne

Are you presently wondering whether to install a ducted or ductless air conditioning system in your home or office?

Good question, indeed!

It is quite natural for people to be confused and overwhelmed by the different types of air conditioning units available in the market. But the right knowledge can help you take a suitable decision. So, before you go shopping for an air conditioner, it is best to have some prior idea at least regarding the two main types of AC systems- the Ducted and Ductless or Split AC.

The benefits and functionality of both systems are contested. However, in Melbourne, the sale of ductless air conditioning systems is currently surging. People living in houses where there is not enough space for the installation of ducts, go for the more convenient ductless or split system air conditioner in Melbourne or elsewhere. In this post, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of both so you can reach a suitable decision regarding which one to opt for your office or residence.

Split System Air Conditioner

Ducted Air Conditioning or Central Air Conditioning System

Well, it is the most traditional form of air conditioning system consisting of a central air conditioning unit or furnace fitted inside the walls or ceilings of your office or residence i.e. out of sight. Ducts from the central air handler carry air to all of your rooms and heat or cool the entire house uniformly through vents.

Pros and Cons of Central Air Conditioning System


• You can heat or cool the entire house or office space with the help of a single air handler.
• The air conditioning unit is fitted inside the walls, away from sight, thus not altering the overall appearance of your home or workplace.
• If your office or residence already has ductwork then it is best to opt for a central air conditioner to make the most of it.
• Central air Conditioners have better moisture handling capacity and they maintain a steady flow of air throughout the given space.
• If your home or office has many chambers, then ducted AC is the way to go as it would be inconvenient and unsuitable to install separate units in each room.


• All rooms are heated or cooled uniformly and you cannot alter the temperature of any room individually.
• Installation of ductwork throughout the entire space can be quite expensive.
• If you do not have enough space for ductwork or you don’t want to jeopardise your beautiful walls or ceilings by installing ducts in them, go for a split system.

Benefits Of A Split System Air Conditioner In Melbourne or Elsewhere

Ductless or Split system air conditioners are becoming more popular these days especially in regions like Melbourne which experiences a range of climatic changes. Before we start beating the drum for ductless systems, you should understand what it is.

A ductless AC or Split AC, as it is better known, consists of an indoor air handling unit and an outdoor compressor connected with refrigerant lines. Depending on the number of rooms you have and their individual requirements, multiple indoor and outdoor units can be installed. Go through the following points to learn about the benefits of a split system air conditioner in Melbourne or elsewhere:

split system air conditioner in Melbourne

• Temperature can be controlled independently in each room.
• No ductwork is required as air flows directly from the indoor units.
• They are energy efficient and also help you cut down electricity bills.
• Perfect solution for apartments and condominiums where ductwork is almost impossible
• More eco-friendly as compared to central air conditioners because of their energy efficiency and ability to reduce carbon footprint.
• A less noisy and more peaceful solution for homes or offices
• Relatively quicker installation as compared to ducted systems, especially if you go for professional split system installation in Melbourne or anywhere else

However, A Ductless AC System Also Has Its Own Disadvantages As Follows:

• It is inapt for huge spaces as numerous indoor and outdoor units need to be installed thus raising costs.
• If the ductwork is already installed, it will be a waste to go for ductless systems.
• The moisture handling capacity of split systems is not as good as a central air conditioner.

Now that you know your exact requirements, hopefully, you will be able to reach a better decision regarding which air conditioning system to choose. It is essential that you opt for a reputed installer who provides a guarantee of their work to ensure maximum durability of your AC system. Hope this knowledge helps!

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5 Mix-Ups Buyers of Split System Installation in Melbourne Have

Every resident of Melbourne feels the necessity of installing Split Air Conditioner System especially because of its fickle weather. Since installing a Split AC does not require ductwork so it is the most preferred one. But it is always advisable to gather enough knowledge about the system before installing.

Split system installation in Melbourne

Common Mistaken Concepts About Installing Split System

Once we decide to install one, we come to hear a lot of information for which we should not be taking such a DRASTIC step! Thank god, they are nothing more than mere misconceptions. Stated below are few of them,

1. “Install The Outside Unit At Par With The Indoor Unit”

Often we are advised not to install the outdoor unit higher than the one installed inside. There is no such rule. The only focus should be on preventing the compressor oil from leaking inside the indoor unit.

TIPNever try DIY while installing an AC, approach experienced professionals.

2. “Install Only Inverter Air Conditioners”

Why would I??? If only inverter ACs had the power of cooling our rooms then all the other versions would have vanished from the market by now. The inverter AC is only an advanced and sophisticated version that can work on low power.

TIP- Buy an Inverter AC only if you desire to use it for a longer duration of time.

3. “For Warranty Issues You Have To Approach The Shop From Where You Purchased”

Really? Nobody has the time or energy to again approach the shop from where the product was purchased. Maybe the shop was offering more discounted price, for which we travelled all the distance. For any warranty or guarantee issues you just need to approach an authorised service centre.

TIP- Gather information about the company’s authorised centres while buying the product.

4. “Split ACs Are For Residences”

Trust us; we see more of those installed in commercial building and hospitals all across Melbourne as compared to residences, the major factor being the easy process involved for Split System Installation in Melbourne. It mainly consists of two parts, the outdoor unit and indoor unit.

TIP- Make sure the company you choose has years of experience and offers at least 6 years of guarantee on the AC.

5. “Change or Replace Air Filters Regularly”

None have ample time or money to do so. Refer to the manufacturer’s instruction leaflet to know how frequently they need to be changed or do so whenever you feel the machine is dirty. On an average one should be cleaning them after every 90 days to maintain smooth flow of air.

TIP- Since accumulation of airborne participles increases power consumption, clean the filters often

Recent Increase In The Demand

Customers of today’s generations are sensible enough to understand that the traditional beliefs about AC are nothing more than misconceptions. No wonder the demand of the product has become imperative all over Melbourne.

Everyone desires to enjoy the refreshing cool air once they come back home after the hectic hot day. After all, a sound sleep is the delicate golden string that binds out health and body together.

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Beating the Drum for Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Installation

Imagine doing this: At the flip of a switch, your house is being cooled and the next moment, it is being heated up. And the temperature yo-yoing goes on, no matter what the weather outdoors is. Fun, isn’t it? Well, this can happen for real if you have a reverse cycle air conditioner at home. It has the ability to heat as well as cool.

What? Really?

Yes. And it is way more energy efficient than any other conventional heating machine because it pulls the heat from outside and pushes it inside. An external coil is present for the refrigerant so that it can absorb the heat.

The latter then passes through a compressor into a condenser which allows the heat to enter the indoor space. The best part is, this entire operation can be reversed to have cool air indoors. What versatility!

Let’s Highlight The Advantages Of Reverse Cycle ACs, Pointwise

  • It’s the most cost-effective form of cooling and heating mankind currently has.
  • It’s an ideal solution for cooling and heating the entire home or office.
  • Its efficiency as compared to run-of-the-mill standalone heaters is almost 3X.
  • When you have it, you need not install separate appliances to heat and cool your space.
  • The machine is devoid of any kind of exposed elements.
  • It is known for its robustness and longer lifespan.
  • Easy to install; ready for use – that’s what the machine is.
  • It flaunts quiet performance.
  • If high power bills have always been a worry, this should be your best bet.
  • It renders an indoor air clean, hygienic, and free from allergens.
  • Did you know you could get rid of humidity in your indoor space with a reverse cycle AC? Now that’s an absolute liberty for climate control, don’t you think?

How To Buy One?

Choose according to the floor plan of your home. The machine has to comply with the levels, room dimensions and directions, ceiling height, etc. Then again, it also has to comply with the orientation of the fenestration and the type of built your home is – whether wooden or brick.

Furthermore, it should be in accordance with the area of installation – whether in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen. The eventual costs will depend on the tonnage of the AC, its energy efficiency, the time you operate it, and the power tariff you are currently liable to.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

5 Steps To Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Installation In Melbourne

Keeping in mind the ever-changing Australian climatic conditions, the idea of a reverse cycle air conditioning installation in Melbourne sounds good. But, how do you do it?

  1. Indoor unit: Install indoor unit on a robust wall that is free from any kind of vibration. Make sure the inlet and outlet are free from all obstruction. Keep the unit away from all sources of heat, steam, and gas. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Select a location which allows the easy drainage of condensed water. Ensure that the filter can be easily accessed. The unit should be placed at a height 2.5 metres from the ground.
  1. Outdoor unit: Like the indoor unit, keep this unit, too, away from heat, flame, and gas sources. Also, keep it away from areas that get a lot of dust and traffic. Direct sunlight is a strict no-no. The operation sound of the outdoor unit should not disturb those living nearby. 
  1. Mounting plate: It should be absolutely level, vertically as well as horizontally. Fix it with plastic anchors placed into drilled holes, and tapping screws.
  1. Piping: You have to drill a hole in the wall to allow the piping. If needed, it must comply with the position of the mounting plate. Don’t forget to put flexible flanges to keep the pipe clean and in place. Also, make sure that the hole always slopes down.
  1. Electrical connections: Fit these connections as instructed in the user manual. Make sure you use wire of size which is ideal for power transmission. Earth connection is of utmost importance. Also, check if the socket complies with the plug. There should be facilities for overload protection as well. The mains voltage should agree with that mentioned on the rating plate.

Connect the bits and parts. Follow the user manual for other instructions and presto! You have your cooling device all set.

While Installing The AC, Keep These Things In Mind:

  • Do not let children access the process or the working area.
  • Never install the AC is an area that contains sulphur.
  • The distance of the device from any flammable source should be at least 50 centimetres.
  • Ensure proper ventilation, lest you want the refrigerant to leak or a fire outbreak to happen.
  • Dispose of the packaging materials responsibly.

Here’s to beating the drum for reverse cycle air conditioners! We love them. Do you?

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Multi Head Split Systems: Everything You Need to Know About These ACs

Imagine a tree giant enough to provide shade to an entire residential block. Seems unrealistic, right?

A Master-n-Slave System

Well, the work of a multi-head type AC is somewhat similar to that imaginary giant tree. It comprises of multiple wall-split indoor units which are powered by a single outdoor unit. In other words, you can cool the whole of your residence with just one outdoor unit! No wonder Melbournites these days are demanding AC service providers to install this cooling system.

The Latest Trend, Don’t You Think?

These cooling devices are newfangled and very recent. They have come of age in not more than a decade, beating even their traditional peers in terms of utility. Their sudden popularity owes to the many advantages they offer. Wondering which?

Introducing The Advantages of Multi Head Split Systems in Melbourne:

  • Inexpensive: This is in terms of running costs. These machines are better than ducted cooling devices. Cooling a concrete space using a single outdoor unit also lowers the power consumption and hence the electricity bills.
  • Controlled operation: Apart from zonal cooling, these devices also let you control the air flow in individual rooms along with the temperature. Thus, these ACs are a flexible solution to cool a living space.
  • High performance: In most cooling devices, flawless performance in hindered because of the returning air or the location of the temperature sensor. This is a design issue found commonly in ducted devices. The good news is, such problems are not found in multi heads systems.
  • Space saver: Some apartments lack space for more than one outdoor unit. For people living in such apartments, the product is indeed their best bet.
  • Less disruptive: They can be easily installed in a building that is already occupied. They do not disrupt the existing settings as there’s only one outdoor unit to be installed.
  • Cooling and heating via single pipework: If your multi head split systems in Melbourne are fitted with VRV systems, be sure that the setup has an inherent ability of heat recovery. It can cool and heat a space using a common pipework, which speeds up the installation time as well.
  • Use of refrigerant: Unlike the conventional hydraulic systems which circulate conditioned air via pumps, these machines make use of refrigerants instead of chilled or hot water.

Multi Head Split Systems

How Do The Indoor Units Behave?

The indoor units together, distribute conditioned air by a process known as ‘mixed flow.’ The tonnage of each unit can vary depending on the size of the rooms. These units can be of four types based on their position of installation:

  1. Floor standing.
  2. Wall mounted.
  3. Below ceiling.
  4. Cassette type (for false ceiling).

Further, according to their tonnage, they can be categorised as follows:

  1. Small indoor unit.
  2. Medium-sized indoor unit.
  3. Large indoor unit.
  4. Extra-large indoor unit.

What Are The Areas of Application?

These devices are ideal for installation in buildings that have a defined cooling and heating season. In other words, it is fit for situations in which a building requires any of cooling or heating throughout the year.

Thus, it is a great option within IT infrastructures and medical establishments, which contain equipment that are ever running. It is also suitable for residential purposes. After all, a home does not require changing temperatures in different rooms pertaining to seasonal changes, does it?

To Buy or Not to Buy?

If an entire building, especially a residence, yearns for the benefits of a ducted AC, but the concrete structure fails to allow ductwork which is concealed, multi-head splits turn into your best friend automatically. There’s no second thought or saying no to this cooling solution. There’s no reason to not buy this machine. Say what?

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Installation Rules and Best Practices For Split System Air Conditioners in Melbourne

Over the past decade, the demand for split system air conditioners has increased steadily in the Australian market. The yearning is most pronounced in the residential sector, where over 600,000 homes have bought A/Cs annually. As per market experts, this trend is still thriving and will continue to soar in the coming times.

Take a Look at what Google Trends has to show:

Interest over time

However, along with the rising needs, the complaints, too, are cropping up. Problems are arising due to improper installation and noisy operation of these machines. This is indeed harming the livability of the country by large.

Our only saviour is none but us. Manufacturers or suppliers, installers or consumers, everyone needs to follow the best practices for installation of A/Cs in residential sectors.

Here are some of the government-approved and expert-suggested advices to support the use of these cooling devices without making the environment stress out. Read on.

Plumbing Rules for Split System Air Conditioners in Melbourne:

The rules have been laid especially for the safe discharge of the machine’s condensate and to ensure the proper fixing of the condenser unit. According to the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA), which is a part of the Plumbing Regulations 2008, installation of sanitary plumbing systems is necessary for split system air conditioners in Melbourne.

The code says, a residential air conditioning device should be compliant with HB 276: A Guide to Good Practice for Energy Efficient Installation of Residential Heating, Cooling & Air Conditioning Plant & Equipment.

• The drain material must fit the purpose. For instance, if plastic is used, it should be sustainable in direct sunlight.

• Sometimes, the condensate of the indoor unit needs to be pumped till its ‘drainage termination point.’ In such a case, the pump should be easily accessible for service and maintenance.

• Discharge of condensate can be done onto a garden bed, concrete surface, downpipe, or even a sanitary draining system through a tundish to a fixture trap.

• As a bare minimum, the surface used for discharge should be far from the place where the AC has been installed, lest it creates ponding.

• Also, the discharge should not pose a threat to pedestrians or alter the moisture conditions of nearby buildings.

• Condenser units mounted on balconies can also lead to discharge nuisance. So, a safe tray should be provided so that ice buildup can be prevented and drainage can be proper.

• The edge of a balcony when used as a discharge location, turns into a nuisance as well. Instead, the drain should be extended to a stormwater or sanitary system.

• If you are placing the condenser unit of a metal deck roof, make sure that the structure can support the weight.

• If you are using timber as support, it should be red gum so that the roof does not stain. For further protection, the red gum can be coated with paint.

• Never place timber bearers in blocks. Rather, put a large, solid mass.

• Outdoor unit mounted on the ground should have enough space for ventilation and secured to the wall with the help of brackets.

Source : Split System Air Conditioning info from VBA


Wiring Rules for split system installation in Melbourne

According to the Australian Standard for Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000:2007), all electrical contractors are required to work in compliance with the set guidelines relevant to split system installation in Melbourne. This holds true for domestic as well as commercial installations.

The latest amendment to the AS/NZS 3000:2007 was made in December 2012; the focus was primarily on heat pump systems and air conditioners. As per the amendment,

• Cooling devices like ACs and heat pumps that have compressors should be incorporated with ‘lockable isolating switch.’ This switch should be placed next to the unit.
• In split systems, this switch should be installed in the outdoor unit.
• Additionally, it can also be installed in the switchboard, if the latter is entirely devoted to the functioning of the device.
• An ‘isolator’ needs to be installed in all ACs regardless of the product or the type of power connection used (whether 2-pin or 3-pin). The isolator should be installed near the compressor unit.
• Only electrical cables that are enclosed in conduits should be connected with the pipe work. Use of plastic cable bindings and PVC tapes is no longer acceptable.
• Last, but not the least, the electrical setup for an AC must comply with the instructions laid by the manufacturer. This is the sole responsibility of the contractor.

Source: Wiring Rules


Guidelines on Noise Reduction in ACs

A noisy AC is enough to piss of neighbours and lower down the standards of daily activities. It is a public nuisance which is even harmful to human health. The Environment Protection Act 1997 and the Environment Protection Regulation 2005 needs consumers to follow certain legal obligations.

Accordingly, noise zones have been defined keeping in consideration the Territory Plan. For instance, 60 dB (A) noise is acceptable in Civic Centre and other major areas from 7am to 10 pm on weekdays and 8am to 10pm on Sundays and public holidays. The noise level lowers to 50 dB (A) from 10pm to 7am on weekdays and 10pm to 8am on Sundays and public holidays.

Similarly, Group Centres have the acceptable limits of 55 dB (A) and 45dB (A) respectively. Smaller local centres have 50dB (A) and 35dB (A), and Residential Zones have 45dB (A) and 35dB (A).

How To Shop For An AC In Australia

  • Check the labelled sound power level. Smaller the number, quieter would be the device.
  • Compare levels in ACs of the same capacity.
  • A 60 dB device can still meet the noise limits of 45 dB (A) because the power level will decrease with an increase in the distance from the unit.

Source: Installation of air conditioners

The rage of air conditioners Australia will exponentially grow as the mercury acts funny in the country. Gather as much knowledge about the legal and suggested best practices you can find and gear up for the installation of a cooling device that is environmentally agreeable.

Remember, the problems with machines are always human-created and only humans can set them right.

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Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Over the Ducted Air Conditioning in Melbourne

Melbourne is known for its extreme weather conditions and therefore has been an ardent user of air conditioners. Ducted air conditioners are the best for that call. But when you go for the ducted air conditioners you will find that the quotes are higher than the non ducted air conditioners.

But you might consider in giving a bit of a high price for the ducted air conditioners, if you go through the following five reasons for which you can choose over the ducted air conditioners above all.

It’s of Great Value:

No matter how much do you have to pay for the ducted air conditioners, you can choose over them for its value. Would you like it if your split system would hang in every room? Sure you won’t. Therefore choose a Ducted Air Conditioning in Melbourne for the proper heating and cooling of the room.

It is in Complete Control:

How would you feel if you could contribute your bit to the environment while cooling or heating of the particular room? That can save you from extra usage of energy that will in turn save you from hefty bills.

Ducted Air Conditioning

For example, set clock timing when you want your temperature to be slowed down at night and the machines would do it accordingly. Hence, you will have optimized temperatures for your preferred area. Now, that’s a huge reason to buy a ducted air conditioner.

It Eliminates Hot or Cold Spots:

You would find many areas that are comparatively hotter or colder in the entire house, which is quite frustrating! What to do then?

You might have to do many DIY methods to cut away the temperature differential. However, the answer could be provided with a ducted air conditioning system. Since the whole of the home will be heated or cooled, there should be minimal variance in temperatures in any area.

It Improves Aesthetics:

Would you like to change your décor only because you have to put up with the air conditioner in your wall? Guess, no!

Even the sleekest design of the wall can be kept as it is, if you plan to install an air conditioner that is ducted. However, with a ducted system, there is only floor or ceiling grills visible. This means that you won’t need to plan your decor around a wall mounted unit or risk having you’re carefully considered decor compromised by a large appliance.

It Produces Very Less Chaos:

Most of the air conditioner users have one complain! The noise that the machine produces at times takes away the finest sleep that it promises to give. Then what it is the use of using such a machine?

Therefore manufacturers have come up with these new machines that promises to produces much lesser noise so that it serves its purpose to the maximum extent. Since all of the noise producing equipment is either under the floor, in the ceiling cavity or outdoors, you will find that a ducted system is the quietest option available.

So, what air conditioning system are you buying the next?

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